61st Europa Rally

2 persons for 185 EUR

It is our pleasure to invite you to the 61st EUROPA RALLY organized by the Europa Rally Committee. This year the rally will take place on an island - Lošinj Island, Camp Čikat, Mali Lošinj, from 16th to 20th of May 2024.

Dear camping friends from all over Europe, welcome to the 61st Europe Rally. In 2024, Croatia will again be the country and destination of campers from all over Europe. Croatia again? Yes, on the one hand, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the Europa Rally Committee to find clubs and campsites willing and able to organise such a big event as the Europa Rally. Covid 19 also plays a role in this. That has broken many contacts. On the other hand, because Croatia has a lot to offer and fortunately there are also enthusiastic people, who want to take on the organisation. The UKH is now preparing our Europe Rally at campsite Čikat on the island of Lošinj. In 2019, we were also guests here. The experiences then with, among other things, a biggest opening at the port are reason for UKH and the Committee to choose this campsite again. A beautiful area on a beautiful island, where you might not otherwise go.

I welcome you all on behalf of the Europe Rally Committee. Take your time to discover the most beautiful spots of Lošinj and Cres. By bike or on foot. But above all, spend your time in the company of many camping friends, known and (maybe still) unknown. UKH and Cikat will be happy to greet you as guests.

I wish you all a pleasant stay at Lošinj, Croatia.

Kees Splint, President Europa Rally

Dear campers, dear friends,

on behalf of the Croatian Campers Association, it is my pleasure to invite you to the 61. EUROPA RALLY in Campsite Čikat on the island of Lošinj. We are honored to host such an event in cooperation with the company Jadranka Turizam d.o.o. from Mali Lošinj. We want you to meet and spend a pleasant time with us and other camping enthusiasts on one of the most beautiful Croatian islands. The island of Lošinj is known as an island of vitality, an oasis of pure nature and aromatic plants that have had a positive effect on health for many years, and restore much-needed vitality to its guests.

We have prepared a rich program of activities and excursions where you will have the opportunity to get to know all the charms of the cultural and natural heritage of the island area, as well as a gastronomic offer accompanied by an entertainment program.

See you at Camp Čikat in Mali Lošinj at the 61st Europa Rally.


Hrvoje Horvat, President of Croatian Campers Association

Dear guests,

we would like to invite you to join us at the 2024 European Rally at the campsite Čikat.

Welcome to the island of vitality!

We are pleased to welcome you all here on the island of Lošinj, famous for its high-quality sea and top-quality air. Did you know that Lošinj has over 200 days of sunshine a year and 1018 plant species, 939 of which are part of the native flora. Thanks to this, the Ministry of Health of the Austro-Hungarian Empire issued a decree back in the 19th century to designate Lošinj a climatic health resort. It remains the perfect place to achieve balance between the soul and the body because in addition to the health services offered on Lošinj, you can also enjoy outdoor activities and excellent Mediterranean cuisine, as well as a rich tourist and cultural offer.

You will see that this aromatherapeutic and eco-conscious, yet modern vitality and health destination has many hidden beauties and an interesting offer.

Mali Lošinj Town has been recognized as a sustainable and eco-friendly destination, earning a spot in the Top 100 Green Destinations list since 2015. This accolade reflects the town's commitment to preserving its natural beauty, promoting responsible tourism, and implementing environmentally friendly practices to ensure a harmonious coexistence between visitors and the stunning island environment.

We highly recommend you visit the best-known resident of Lošinj, an antique bronze statue of Apoxyomenos, meet the bottlenose dolphins and experience one of the most beautiful sunsets at one of the viewpoints on the island.

We hope you experience Lošinj as it truly is – fascinating and beautiful!

Explore Lošinj and enjoy your stay!

Dalibor Cvitković, Director of the Tourist Board of the Town of Mali Lošinj

To all our guests and visitors,

we take great pleasure in inviting you to Croatia to join us for the 61st EUROPA RALLY hosted by Campsite Čikat in the town of Mali Lošinj on the beautiful Lošinj island.

This event is a great continuation of rallies which were previously organized in this campsite together with our friends from Croatian Campers Association. The amazing feedback from our guests and visitors inspired us to organize this event in Čikat, so that guests could enjoy everything our campsite has to offer: crystal clear sea, aquapark and swimming pools and great entertainment.

Mali Lošinj is a town on the island of Lošinj widely known as The Island of Vitality. It got its name from centuries-old pines, lavender, myrtle, bougainvillea and as many as 1018 plant species thriving in this veritable nature's garden.

Čikat Campsite is located in Čikat Bay, 20 minutes walk from the town of Mali Lošinj. Situated in the shade of centuries-old pines that surround turquise sea of Čikat Bay this beautiful campsite offers beautiful beaches for complete relaxation. The campsite is also an ideal place for an active family holiday and features numerous sporting amenities, miles of walking trails and of course our family friendly Aquapark Čikat.

Take also this opportunity to taste authentic island cuisine accompanied with good wines.

Come and meet dear friends and make new ones with our fascinating program and interesting excursions!

Dejan Jakovljević, executive director of campsites Jadranka turizam d.o.o.

16 May – 20 May 2024

Day 1 - 16.05.2024.
Arrival, registration and a gift delivery receipt
Welcome and accommodation of participants

Day 2 – 17.05.2024.
Optional: Organized excursions
Official opening ceremony of participating nations and a gala dinner

Day 3 – 18.05.2024.
Optional: Organized excursions
Evening entertainment program

Day 4 – 19.05.2024.
Optional: Organized excursions
Evening entertainment program

Day 5 – 20.05.2024
Official closing of the Rally

The offer includes:
  • Rally participation program (registration fee)
  • Accommodation on a non parcelled camping pitch (including power connection)
  • Welcome drink, dinner and gift
  • Registration
  • May 16 – 20, 2024

Program prices:

  • 185 EUR per unit for two people
  • 155 Eur per unit for one person
  • Extra person on a unit: 57 EUR
  • Children 7 - 12 years of age: 46 EUR
  • Children up to 7 years of age & pets: FREE
  • Accommodation in mobile homes or hotel: price on request via e-mail info@camp-cikat.com
Special benefits offered to participants:
  • a 20% discount on the round-trip ferry ticket 
  • a 20% discount on regular camp rates for stays in the period from May 09 – 16 2024 and May 20 – 27 2024.

Conditions referring to special 20% discounts on accommodation from May 09 – 16 2024 and May 20 – 27 2024:

  • the offer refers to advance reservations only
  • the sojourn tax is not included
  • the offer cannot be combined with other special deals

Good to know »


Please download this registration form to your computer and send the completed form to the following e-mail address: ukh@camping-croatia.com.

The deadline for the submission of registrations for the 61st Europa Rally is April 15, 2024.




If you wish to discover the secrets of the island Lošinj, and have an easy walk in the nature along the coast of Lošinj. The hike takes you to the bays “Srebrna uvala” and “Zlatna uvala” and to “Boka Falsa” from where you continue through the pine tree forest to the old lookout point Monte Baston”.

From “Monte Baston” you have a nice panoramic view of the harbor of Mali Lošinj view , and the neighboring islands like Susak and Srakane.

From Monte Baston we walk to the town of Mali Lošinj to enjoy some free time.

Excursion route and full details

Excursion Losinj

  • Minimum 20 persons (for less persons on request)
  • Medium walking tour
  • Duration about 4 hours
  • Tour guide on board
  • Free time in Mali Lošinj



Accompanied by an expert guide, visitors can learn about the rich flora of the island, the healing properties of plants and buy an original island souvenir.

Mali Lošinj is the largest settlement on the island, it is located at the southern part of the bay Augusta, the largest closed bay of this archipelago. Thanks to its position, Mali Lošinj developed into an important maritime, commercial and today, a tourist centre.

The beginnings of Mali Lošinj were at the end of the 19th century when, thank s to seafaring, the small village became a maritime town. Due to transition from sailing ships to steamships, it seemed that th efate of such and similar towns was sealed. The discovery of the health effects of the island's climate and the emergence of a tourism opened a new page in the history of Mali Lošinj.

Excursion route and full details

Excursion Losinj

  • Walk to Mali Lošinj with tour guide
  • Entrance ticket for the Museum of the Apoxyomenos



Accompanied by an expert guide, you will travel by bus from the town of Osor to the town of Veli Lošinj. You will be introduced to a history of Osor and Veli Lošinj and also get to know the rich flora of the island, the healing properties of the plants and buy an original island souvenir.

OSOR lies where the islands of Lošinj and Cres meet. In the past islands were connected, but thanks to a narrow man-made canal a passage was possible between the islands. This is where the main transit traffic between the North Adriatic and Dalmatian coast took place in the past, making a small town of Osor an international port.

VELI LOŠINJ was the first settlement on the island and is situated in a narrow bay on the south-eastern side of the island of Lošinj, at the foot of Mount "Sv. Ivan". Tall houses and numerous villas with beautiful gardens are the main feature of this romantic town.

Excursion route and full details

Excursion Osor to Veli Losinj

  • Bus rental
  • Tourist guide
  • Sightseeing of Osor
  • Sightseeing of Veli Lošinj
  • Visit to the Garden of Fine Fragrances which includes a Welcome drink & cold platter (Salami made from Lošinj wild boar, prosciutto, dried pork neck, sheep cheese, homemade bread, everything from their own production)



This is a five-hour boat excursion to the sandy Island of Susak with the picnic on board.

Susak is an island fully made of sand, with shallow sandy beaches ideal for children and unique traditions! It is a unique island in terms of its formation and appearance - over the years a thick layers of fine yellowish sand were deposited on a limestone slab by ancient winds.

To avoid erosion, island residents have always planted reeds around their agricultural estates. Reed is a grass-like plant whose roots penetrate deep into the soil in search of water and in that way protect the island from erosion.

Excursion route and full details

Excursion Osor to Veli Losinj

  • Welcome drink on board
  • Pic-Nic on board (meat or fish menu + wine & water)
  • Tour guide
  • Information about the archipelago during the trip
  • Sightseeing of the settlement Susak
  • FISH MENU: Scomber, salad, bread, wine and water
  • MEAT MENU: Pork cutlet, salad, bread, wine and water
  • The number of fish and meat menus, register one day in advance
  • Minimum 40 persons (for fewer persons on request), maximum 160 people
  • Excursion duration is about 5 hours



After one hour boat trip you will reach the island of Ilovik.

The islands of Ilovik and St. Peter are the extension of the southern part of Lošinj separated by the Strait "Door of Ilovik". The island Ilovik has a surface of 5.8 km² and 15.4 km of coastline. A canal between Ilovik and St. Peter approximately 2.5 km long and 300 m wide divides the two islands. For this reason these waters are protected against stormy winds offering protection to yachts and smaller boats.

Only one village is located on the island. The island has a Mediterranean vegetation, with different types of flowers, different oleanders, palms and Eucalyptus trees. The island is often referred to as the flower island. Discover Ilovik accompanied by our tour guide. After sightseeing and free time on the island, at the appointed time, picnic is organized.

Excursion route and full details

Excursion Osor to Veli Losinj

  • Welcome drink on board
  • Pic-Nic on board (meat or fish menu + wine & water)
  • Tour guide
  • Sightseeing of the settlement Ilovik
  • FISH MENU: Scomber, salad, bread, wine and water
  • MEAT MENU: Pork cutlet, salad, bread, wine and water
  • The number of fish and meat menus, register one day in advance
  • Minimum 40 persons (for fewer persons on request), maximum 160 people
  • Duration about 5 hours


Campsite Čikat is located on the Island of Lošinj, in the town of Mali Lošinj.

Coming from Zagreb: highway A1/A6 (exit Oštrovica, follow "Otok Krk") - expressway A7 – Krk-Bridge – Ferry port Valbiska – ferry to Merag - Mali Lošinj

Coming from Trieste: border crossing Pasjak - Opatija - Ferry port Brestova - ferry to Porozina - Mali Lošinj